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Different foam types in earmuffs of corsair void lineup?


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I have a void wireless headset that I've owned for many years, and an interesting difference with newer models has come to my attention, my headset came with earmuffs containing what I believe to be an open-cell foam. This results in much worse sound isolation, but marginally better breathability, comfort, and sound staging. this was brought to my attention when I purchased a new void elite headset as mine was suffering from major wear and tear, and reduced battery life. Both the new headset and a set of aftermarket replacement pads I bought both have a closed cell foam muff, resulting in much boomyer lows, but which muddy the mids and highs. Ultimately I much preferred the originals, as these gave a remarkably similar sound staging to my open-backed headphones. Is there any place I can buy a set of the earmuffs that came on the original void headsets, shy of trying to find a new-old-stock headset and scavenging it for parts?

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Hi qwe304!

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy our VOID Wireless earcups, unfortunately we do not sell any spare earcups on our website. Your best bet is to search for third-party earcups that suit your tastes. Hopefully one of our users can lead you to a good pair! 

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