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Stick of Registered PC2100 512mb of ram


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I have two sticks of PC2100 Registered ECC ram, when I boot up my server with the problematic stick. The computer does not even goto post. It simply has a one second beep followed by a 3 second pause and then repeats. I checked the manual on my GA-7PDXW (Gigabyte - Athlon MP) motherboard: the only thing that mentions the beeping is the memory. I removed the problematic stick, and booted with the single stick of 512 and the computer booted flawlessly. I would run memtest86 as I have in the past to test ram, but because I cannot get to post, this is not possible. Recently my computer had been locking up for no reason becoming completely unresponsive. Also for the first time in about a year I got a BSOD. Any help would be appreciated.
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