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HS70 Pro Wireless Charging Issues

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My HS70 Pro Wireless headset is having strange charging issues.

1.  When powered off and plugged in, the charging light shows amber, then goes green.  If you power the headphones on, iCUE will not say 100%, it will say anywhere from 80 to 60

2.  When powered on, no charging light shows up on the headset when plugged in, but iCUE says its charging and the voice says its charging

3.  The strangest thing.  When plugged in and charging, I can remove the plug and get a charged % of, say, 85%.  Plug it back in, leave for a while and come back.  Remove the plug and the charged % will say 69 (for example).  Makes no sense and it seems like its just throwing a random % out there, or something is wrong.

Any ideas?  This is my second Corsair wireless headset to have issues like this.  Starting to think the product just isnt good.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Smack,

Can you indicate how you are charging the unit?

Also have you reset the headset?

To be sure it's not a iCUE issuecould you repair your iCUE.

Control Panel

Programs and Features

Right Click the iCUE software

Select Repair

Restart computer


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