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One fan speed stuck at constant RPM, H150i PRO RGB XT

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I couldn't find a support section for cooling solutions and I'm equally not sure if this is a hardware (firmware) bug or iCUE's fault so I'm posting here.

When I reboot my PC, or boot it up for the first time from cold: one of the fans (Fan #3) gets stuck at ~600 RPM and will not change no matter the coolant temperature reading unless I manually go into iCUE and re-select a fan curve profile for it. The other two fans respond to the changes in coolant temperature perfectly. My H150i is on firmware version v1.01.32 with the latest version of iCUE installed. The fan is definitely stuck at the lower RPM as well, as if I run a heavy benchmark to raise the temperature of the coolant: I can visibly see the one fan spinning slower.

I'd really love this to be fixed, this cooler was quite expensive and short of trying to disassemble iCUE, the firmware & the hardware accessing service I'm not sure what to do 😄

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I have attached a screenshot illustrating the issue better. You can see Cinebench R20 running on the left to stress to the processor and heat up the coolant, and iCUE on the right along with the metrics.

Imgur link


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It’s possible there is some corruption in the fan profile, but most of the time this is physical. Disconnect the 3rd fan from the pump controller and then reconnect. Sometimes that’s all it takes. 

If it still does not respond, create another custom curve and see if it will move with fixed rpm or pwm%. 

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Hi, I had this issue on my h150 rgb xt pro, it turned out to be one of the small wires on the fan at the connector end was not making proper contact. Take the connector off and swap with another around with another fan to make sure it is the fan or that connector then if it is the connection you can normally carefully wiggle it into the correct position.

I hope this is of some help.

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