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Cannot change colors, cannot disable lights

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Even removing all the appdata and registry files now my fans are lit up. I am so infuriated with this product. You force me to update to icue 4 and it does not do anything. I'm trying to disable all the RGB lights. I have 2 "fake" ram sticks meant to match my Vengeance RGB... they do not light up when the real ones do. I have 6x LL fans hooked to the same commander pro... only 1 out of the 6 even responds to any iCUE color changes. So I go back to my profile "Lights out" which has all of the lights disabled. Now they are stuck in some terrible sky blue color at full brightness. Literally can't even sleep in the same room anymore thanks to this trash software. I'm at my wit's end... you give an option for "hardware lighting control" but don't give the option to turn the lights off via hardware control. Ridiculous

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EDIT: I have now removed icue 4, and installed previous version. Still no difference

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It seems likely one of your LL fans has a defect. The Commander Pro + RGB lighting hub is a serial controller, so intermittent signal problems can cause issues through the chain. From your description there isn’t any indication of which fan is the problem.  You probably need to check each fan one at a time in slot 1 on the little RGB hub to find the one with the issue. If they all check out ok, start adding fans back in 2-3-4-5-6 until you loose control again. It’s possible there is a defect in the hub, but this is much less frequent than a problem on the fan. You might also set a full white static color on the fans prior to testing to draw maximum 5v current. 


I don’t know much about the place holder RAM modules. In CUE, do they have a “hardware lighting” setting?  Or do they appear along the real RAM as normal modules?


If you need to turn off all lights, try using the Corsair “scenes” on the main page.  Crate a new one.  Take solid color and slide it down to 0/0/0. These work like a master lighting override on top of current lighting effects and can be one clicked on/off and the same for individual devices. I don’t think that will fix the fans, but it would be interesting if it did. 


Hardware Lighting is saved to device memory, so if you uninstall CUE you are stuck with whatever was stored in the device at that time. It won’t clear the memory. If you want lights out when CUE is not running, the best thing to do is save a static black to each device vs leaving the field empty. 

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