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HS80 lights stay on when charging and computer is in sleep

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I'm going to hold my tongue as much as I can here, as I am not a Corsair fan, which is unfortunate because everything I own is Corsair down to the my custom loop.


Anyway, I have the HS80 (don't recommend btw) and when the computer is put to sleep the LEDS turn bright white and the mic LED turns red. My computer is next to my bed, so having the headset shining all night is annoying.

I know there is a brightness setting inside ICUE but the red mic is still lit and its annoying to have to change this setting every single day.


Any way to keep this thing from turning on the lights every time I put my PC in sleep and it's charging??


Honestly,  I came from Logitech and I regret it everyday.

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