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iCue - the software that never improves

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Starting off that I highly enjoy the hardware made by Corsair, such as periferics like mouse and keyboard, I cant say the same (or even remotely close) about its software.

First, the real problems - 
First - if iCue has been on for, say ... 30minutes and i've been doing ****, making music, watching movies, playing games or whatever, if I try opening by either clicking on the taskbar icon or in the desktop icon, it just wont open. I have to shut it down on processes, wait for a few secs and open it again.
Every. Time.
Second - sometimes when I open it, a weird horrendous bug happens in which every key on my keyboard starts opening windows ****, like cortana when I press C, or some snipping bs, folders and websites. It's a bug SPECIFIC to iCue, although I've seen it happen to people who do not use corsair shitty's software, and those people seemingly fix it by simply pressing windows + alt, this is not the case here, and I end up having to reboot my pc everytime.
Third - profiles. I know there are profiles saved  on periferics onboard memory, and those are OK to get rid of, although still a hassle in which one has to go to the internet to find out how to remove those ungodly shits (try having 2 corsair periferics, you'll end up with 6 or 8 different profiles. Sure CORSAIR people, EVERYONE needs 8 damn profiles for their gaming and everyday usage, as we desire and demand such specific behaviour, we need 8 DIFFERENT PROFILES TO CYCLE THROUGH BEFORE ACTUALLY GETTING TO OUR DAMN REAL ONES). Now there's the iCue saved ones, which no matter what you do, they just keep on popping back up everytime you reset the PC.
Suuuuure there's  a workaround to it, which is setting those damn ridiculous self-birthing profiles to a damned folder in which they'll be forgotten. But, as anyone with a brain might agree, that's the kind of "off-the-books" solution that USERS come up with that a company shouldn't impose. I only discovered it because I actually cared enough to go searching and resolve it. AND because I know how to speak english, which isn't the case for a LOT of corsair users around the world.
Lastly - Sometimes when  changing profiles (At tHe QuIcK cLIck of A bUtTon) **** just goes haywire and crazy. The sound on the pc stops reproducing thru the headset and goes on to another audio output, discord stops reproducing ANYONE'S audio even though they're talking, among other really bothering stuff.
Also -  I don't know how related to this shitty ungodly software it is, but a lot of times there's a delay between the audio and the input that generated it on some softwares. Happened on FL Studio and happens a lot on browsers, when I open a tab and the sound only comes 5s later, or when watching videos  and there's a huge delay on it specifically because of audio.
The periferics (which, again, they themselves are good, talking about this shitty software)
Partially venting out, partially doing real criticism. Not looking for any solutions, as to any of them I found what to do and stuff like that. Just in the hopes that this multimillionaire company will actually start giving a **** about it's quality, 'cause it's lacking.

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there's always the possibility that my system might be too shitty for some unbeknownst reason. always felt like formatting it to nothingness and then doing it from scratch so those shits stop happening to me.
This was more about venting than anything else.
Also there was an update like 1 or 2 days ago and it seems to be working smoother like butter (so far, still 2early)

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the whole hardware profile deal has always been confusing for most people. I personally never used them and they are just a nuisance in the profiles list. But hey they have to be somewhere. 

Maybe a subject for a future UI update.

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