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Hey everyone, just joined here. Got my iCue RGB fan this week, and have since been in love! I'm puzzled as to how the audio RGB setting works. So I set it to red green red green. I see some orange and other color with it. Is this normal?

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Yes, it is normal for any effect with a color shift. Unless a fan actively turns off its LEDs as it changes colors, you will see the transitional shift between two colors. What you see depends on the two colors and there location on the color wheel. If you do a shift from green to blue, there will be a glint of cyan as it passes through that section of the color wheel. If you do orange and blue that are on direct opposite sides, there will be transitions that look almost white as it passes through the center of the wheel. 

Any type of effect that uses shifts or gradients like the audio or a cpu temperature dependent effect will spend a lot of time in transition, just like its very dynamic source. 

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