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just bought 680 crystal

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Never had a case like this [corsair 680 crystal] and wondering if the lighting node pro that comes with it will do the 8 fans will all the bells and whistles? Please forgive my ignorance  

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All Corsair RGB controllers have a maximum of 6 RGB ports per controller OR per channel.  The Lighting Node Pro is the older style of controller with 2 LED channels (2 x 6 fans), but Pro controllers require a RGB Lighting Hub to power the fans.  You have one already, but will need another.  If you are going to buy more LL fans to match, make sure you get at least 1 triple pack of LL120 or a dual pack of LL140 if you are going for the larger size fan.  Both will have another Lighting Node Pro and RGB Hub in the box.  You will only need the hub and can plug it into your existing controller.  You will have to split the 8 fans across the two hubs in some logical way (6+2, 5+3, 4+4), depending on how you lay things out.  Each RGB hub will act like a separate lighting group, so plan this out if you are looking for sequential patterns to run a specific direction in the case.  


If you are looking at fans other than LL it gets more complicated as newer fans come with "Core" series controllers that has the RGB hub inside.  Those will run from a Lighting Node Core.  It's not really any different but does require another USB 2 port to connect the device to the system.  

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