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K63 keyboard and PBT double shot keys

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Hello !

The WASD keys on my K63 fell off.    Turned out, the plastic underneath each key, where there is a "cross" female part, that sits on the switch itself, was broken. 

It had cracked in the corners, and some plastic was still there, some not.    I ordered a kit of "PBT Double Shot PRO Keycaps", hoping these would be better.

In the meantime i used several old keyboards i had laying around, but they were all horrible, so i eventually bought a

very cheap "TKL svive Triton Speed" that i got for 50% off,  to use as a spare while i waited for these Corsair keycaps.

I was very disappointed when i found that the Corsair keycaps mod kit, contained exactly the same quality keys, as was originally on my K63.

While on the "XtrFY svive Triton Speed" backup keyboard, was MUCH thicker plastic under the keys, these were in fact round on the outside of the stem,

so they would be much less prone to cracking, since there is no edges, theres no place for the crack to start,  plus the additional material also helps.

Now the K63 has become the backup keyboard, sitting on the shelf packed in plastic, with brand new "PRO" keycaps.   

Corsair  should seriously look into improving the quality of these keys, especially when you buy these replacement kits, you expect to get something that is a little better,

when it says "PRO" on the package.  I was enjoying my K63 until now, i thought it was completely ok, but now ? Nothing PRO about it.

Look at the difference on the stem in the middle under the keys (Corsair on top, XtrFy bottom):



xtrfy k4.jpg

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