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H150i ELITE CAPELLIX Bracket Needs for CPU

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I need to buy a Cooler. I keep seeing a CPU bracket (retention Kit) that I need because of my Processor Size LGA1700. Seems Corsair is out of stock and I can't seem to find the bracket anywhere.  What do I need for it to be compatible with my new system below? What if I buy the   H150i RGB pro Xt instead?  Will I still a retention kit and which one and where to buy?

Intel Core i9-12900K
Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Hero EVA(ROG x Evangelion)
Corsair AX1200 power Supply 
Corsair 900D Case

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  • Corsair Employees

Hey there! Double checked the quick start guide for the H150i Elite Capellix.. it should come with the four LGA 1700 Standoffs that you need to mount it on Alder Lake CPU.


If you are missing any of the mounting hardware, reach out to our support team by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com

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