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4000x Rgb Case wont turn off

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new here so sorry if this has been asked!


ive just built my 1st Gaming Pc. Plugged it all up, hit the power on the PSU, pressed the power button and all it turns white, the pc turns on,  fans kick in and colours change. GPU powered up too and all seems great. 
Press the power off button. Nothing. Hold it. Nothing. Press and hold the reset button, Nothing. 
i am yet to install windows - is this my issue? (Noob sorry)

i figured it should still turn on and off. Swapped the pins around and that didnt help, created a short over the PWR pins and it turns on fine. 
i just cant get it to turn off. 

Ive shown where my PWR and RESET pins are. I assume they sit horizontally 

which way is the + is it where i have circled on the diagram?


any help would be great. Thank you in advance 


i have the TUF GAMING X570-Pro wifi Mobo 

i followed the diagram attached and ive tried the PWR and RESET in various orientations8FB5EFE7-0DCF-4ABF-8F58-349D6CC423BB.thumb.jpeg.b621a5e55434d78d2efe6f1b9ad9a773.jpeg


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