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ICUE making my laptop fan always on and loud

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I bought Corsair mouse, installed ICUE and now my Legion 5 PRO laptop spins fan even when I just read something on web. Before I installed ICUE that was not the case. If I remove it then again the laptop is ok. Process Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote is using CPU all the time and bunch of other processes related to ICUE are there.

So basically I cannot buy any Corsair product anymore and I will try to return this mouse tomorrow.

By the way this even happens if I remove all sensors and devices from ICUE, and if I kill that Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote process it restarts automatically.

Basically it behaves like a virus. 

Corsair, if you don't want to loose more customers, you need to have BIG RED BUTTON in ICUE which says DISABLE POLLING OF SENSORS which will disable your processes and let us use our PCs. Let us have software in which we can configure our mouse and that's it. If someone really needs to poll sensors for water cooling products and similar it's ok for them. But why do you force it on people who simply want to configure their mouse?!!

I will never buy anything again from Corsair unless this is fixed, otherwise I liked your products. If I manage to return the mouse tomorrow I will probably never know unless I get notified somehow.

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Just to make sure I again tested it now. As soon as I install ICUE, not only ICUE processes but also "System" process is constantly using 3-5% of CPU. As soon as I uninstall ICUE everything is back to normal and Laptop fan goes off and Laptop stops overheating. This is also true even if I restart the Laptop. 

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