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how did they make keymapping worse?

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i go to remap a key to my corsair scimitar mouse.

i click a thumb button

i type the key i want to remap it to

there is no "done" or "confirm" button anywhere visible.

i click a different thumbpad button to assign another key

it just moves my current remap to that key.

wow. wow guys. what the hell.

i somehow get it to stop/confirm "yes i want that key remapped"

i remap another button.

i check to see if the first one is still remapped

it just moves my remap over to the first key and now my second remap is just gone.

wooooowwwww. just wow. how did they make this worse? they are trying i swear.

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You need an entry in the assignments box for each remap you want to do.  Aside from that, this is not a commonly reported issue so it likely means there is some type of UI glitch or corruption, especially when it comes to rebinds for KBs and mice.  Go to the Windows Apps list and click on Corsair iCUE.  Select "modify" and follow the prompts for a repair install.  This will not erase profiles or settings but often cleans up weird issues.


If that does not resolve it, you may want to contact Corsair Support.  Also turn on debug logging in the CUE settings so you can export the file after this glitch occurs.  It may or may not create an entry, but it is likely something they would ask for.  Aside from that, we probably need a screen shot to see what you are doing to try and replicate.  

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