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Hello there people.

3 years ago a friend bought me a psu to start my  PC MASTER RACE machine and all went well, until 6 months ago 2/2022 started making me some numbers of drawback of power and shut downs.

So i sent it for RMA through the purchased store. 

Took one month to return the goods , it was fast, but corsair gave me a refubrished one. they told me that the guaranty will still be valid and so i accept it.

A month later it started humming when i was gaming or i was video editing, my mind never went to the fact that a expensive psu from corsair whould do that, so i changed everything else. From ssd's and hdd's i went to full nvme, changed the 32gb ram , the AIO cooler, and then when i changed the pc case i just swap the psu and i was devastated that my beloved psu was the source of this problem. 

The company which the psu bought tells me that "if it works we cant get it for RMA, the noice you hear is the power going to the harware"  what unswer is that?

So i just dont know what to do? Corsair help?

i have an expensive for me psu and i cant use it because i dont want to make a mess with the other expensive for me hardware.

Sorry for the long post and excuse my english.

Regards Nixx.



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They are refering to coil whine i presume.

It's annoying, but it's not a hardware failure by itself. it's quite normal in fact. the PSU will buzz when the PC starts to be under load where more power is drawn.

It would be better if the coils were potted, to prevent them from vibrating, but that could also keep them warm.

Most PSUs are silent, some have a bit of coil whine, it's pretty much a matter of luck how much you will hear it.

So yea, you can use your PC, it's not damaging anything. It's just annoying to hear. Now it's up to corsair to see if they are willing to make a concession and exchange it to see if a new unit would be more silent.

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you may hear it from your graphics card too, when gaming. the coils in the card's VRM do buzz. it's the same deal, some cards buzz a lot, some not too much.

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I sold my 1650s strix just in case it was the problem, but no it wasnt.

Now i have a poorly  960 till i get a 3070. 

even i use again the ssd's i had remove.

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a 1650 may not buzz much, but the higher power the card is, the more likely.

You can narrow down where the sound comes from easily. it only happens with high power components that have their own power conversion. SSDs barely use any juice, same for hard drives, RAM, even the AIO.

Now the motherboard has some coils that you may hear faintly. Set your RGB ram to white and you may start hearing a faint buzz next to it from the RAM VRM. Graphics cards are notorious for that noise, then the PSU. Electrical buzz will pretty much always be one of those 3. Sometimes, on rare occasions, PWM fans may make a faint noise at low speed too.

Mechanical buzz it's fans or water pumps. Sometimes they are hard to distinguish

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