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THANK YOU CORSAIR! I appreciate y'all fixing the mistake of making my headset 'legacy'.


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So I was NOT happy last year when I had found out that Corsair's iCue 4 would drop support for 'legacy' products that were less than five years old. I had locked myself into Corsair after switching from some older Logitech peripherals that had worn out after a decade. I had a yellow scimtar, a strafe keyboard, and an h100i v2 aio. I had no other Corsair devices. The way I saw it was that Corsair had said to me "Sorry the computer you saved your entire teens for was a waste and you have to ditch your old junk". I was really really miffed. I immediately downgraded to iCue 3 (and it took like 1hr of googling because Corsair hid the old download from easy access at the time. They were really pushing the new iCue 4).

I began debating my next build. I definitely asked myself if they were willing to do this to me just after I 'bought into the ecosystem', then I had to ask would they do it again? Would the next keyboard I buy become 'defective' and 'legacy' two years after I bought them. I was was no longer debating about whether to get a next generation Corsair keyboard, headset, mouse or anything and instead began recommending to those that I knew to not buy into Corsair. I emphatically emphasized about what Corsair was doing to me and how to I couldn't recommend Corsair to anyone else. I had chosen to go with any other company for next build. After all, what was next? Would the Corsair ram upgrade I bought suddenly become discontinued to force me to spend even even even more more more money? I couldn't justify that!

Mind you, this was still at least 5 years away since I expected my PC to last at least that long, along with appropriate ram and storage upgrades. As far as this PC was concerned, I was going to stick with iCue 3 until the PC broke, and I certainly wasn't going to get any special upgrades for it. Not even a new graphics card. At least the Corsair case I had didn't need any iCue support.

However I had heard the news that support was announced for the legacy products in iCue 4. I finally could justify upgrading my keyboard to a k95 plat and gave away my old keyboard to a friend that can now run iCue 4 with it! I also got an iCue Commander XT for this build, and a new RGB fan. These new devices now also work with my "legacy mouse" and "legacy headset". Now I am planning on keeping all my peripherals or upgrading to higher quality Corsair peripherals with my next build! I had always wanted to put a custom liquid cooling loop in here, and now I don't have to leave the ecosystem that seems to offer the best bang for my buck.

I hope Corsair's iCue 5 keeps USB-driver support. Don't want to have to be forced to BlueTooth™ my future RBG™ Corsair™ RAM™ to my future Corsair uPhone™ to be able to turn on the dang PC. Keep it up and I'll spend thousands with y'all at Corsair over the next 20 years. Don't and I'll spend my thousands with your competitors. I am not loyal to Corsair because y'all have me by the nuts. I bought your design of a nice little nut holder to hold my nuts. It's not a vice, it's a nut holder and a nut breezer, and an RGB nut fan, and all the nice little nut widgets. I'll get a new nut holder if y'all annoy me.


Keep up the good work Corsair! Love your engineers who ported everything over! Love your sales guy who convinced leadership this was a bad idea!


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