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Corsair, I wanna headphones, not this noisy parrots


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Dear Corsair, 

I bought the wireless RGB Elite and this headphone TALKS TOO MUCH. 

After playing a game, I start browsing internet and keep my phones. If at some moment I want to listen to music or ig reels or whatever, it's there on my ears. 

But your earphones are EXTREMELLY annoying with all this messages about "Audio shutdown starting", then a bip every minute. Then you open the game again and "audio shutdown cancelled".


How can I just shut up this earphones? Or should I trash this and never more look back to corsair?

When you guys are developing products, please, focus on sound quality, battery, mic, better controls, easy accessible buttons. Don't go further than that. Any interaction by voice with a headset is very annoying. 

Can you guys make a firmware to shut up this parrots?

I am not the pilot of any sophisticated spaceship, I just wanna play fortnite and browse the internet in peace. THat's all. 

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