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Prob: Flash Voyager 256MB Win98SE


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I just bought the Flash Voyager, 256MB. I installed and use it ok on Windows XP Professional SP2. However, it doesn't work on another PC with Windows 98 Second Edition with all updates applied.


When I first plugged it in, win98 saw it and installed the following devices:

Disk Drives: Corsair Flash Voyager

Hard Disk Controllers: USB Flash Disk, USB Mass Storage Device

USB Controllers: Generic USB Hub


That's all it's done. Now, if I remove it a couple of the devices disappear, and when I insert it they come back. The tray icon doesn't appear, I can't run the Corsair Flash Voyager utility, and the drive doesn't show up in explorer. I have tried every combination of removing/installing the devices and rebooting there is... several times over.


Also, I have plugged it into every usb port, front, rear, and extra hub. All give the same result...


Any ideas?




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Haha, it figures I'd zero in on the problem two minutes after giving up and posting for help. This might be one for the help database if it's not there already...


I had a lastdrive=g: statement in my config.sys file. 3 Hard drives, 2 CDs, that's C:, D:, E:, F:, G: so it while Win98 recognized the drive and installed the devices it wouldn't add an H: drive for the Voyager because of that statement. I changed it to allow another, rebooted, and all worked as it should.



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