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We take inspiration from everything around us and on the web 🌐. In that sense, what has inspired your PC builds over time?

Did you get inspired by either a movie/show 🎟️ or maybe even someone else's build?

How long did it take for you to actually be satisfied with how your build looks like 👀?

I was definitely mesmerized by all the beautiful all-white builds and I tried to buy all-white hardware for my current PC ☁️

Let us know down below!

r/Corsair - Halo iCUE Profile

Halo 🔫 inspired build

📸: BeautifulAd5310 via r/CORSAIR

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Who here remembers the TRS-80, and its wonderful TRS-DOS operating system? The days of loading the operating system from cassette tape, and then whatever program you wanted to run, which had to fit into the 8KB of memory? Hanging out at Radio Shack was the thing to do until you got your own computer, and store managers loved to put us out in front of the store as "advertising". The only possible upgrades (consumer) were the floppy disk drive, adding memory, and one of the best ones: MS-DOS 1.0, with its expanded command set and improvements to programming. Programming in BASIC was the bomb! Once a friend got a copy, we all got one.  Any upgrades were exceedingly expensive and hard to get, akin to GPU's last year. The brave souls were willing to get a soldering gun and add or replace individual ICs on the motherboard, putting in IC sockets, fun stuff. I was 15-16 back then. Never lost the build it-upgrade it-build it better fever, waiting for the next PC magazine to be delivered. It was like an addiction, still is.

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