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CORSAIR RM750 modular PSU - how to check if it's legit?

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Got my Brand New Corsair RM750w ATX Fully Modular Gold Rated PSU on an online store.

First concern:

Upon opening the box already notice that it uses the cardboard tray as support for the PSU. 

When looking up on YouTube for unboxing ang installing the RM750. Notice all of them have the "Black Foam" as support on their PSU. 

Second concern:

Then noticed that the Q. C.  STICKER (Q. C. sticker) and the Hi-Pot OK Stocker are printed on the PSU. 



Now I having this concern if my PSU is legitimate Corsair product or if is a fake. 



Currently on contact on the seller.  They have a  physical store and have bought products from them. This scenario was a first. 




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to be honest, if they got rid of the foam it's a good sign. Other PSUs that came with the fancy cable bag also got rid of it, so there are packaging changes going on.

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