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Dear Corsiar Community

I am trying to connect all my fans (Corsair fans and Aorus (gigabyte) fans) to the Corsair ICUE system so I only have to use 1 software system to adjust FAN and LED parameters.   The FANs and LED lights which come with the Gigabyte Aorus RX3080 hybrid video card are controlled by a separate software.   This Gigabyte video card comes with an attached 280mm radiator and two 120mm fans which have LED lights.  While I would like the video card to adjust the fans speed based the Video card temps, I want to connect these LED cables to the ICUE hub.   The Corsair 120mm fans have FAN cables and LED cables are 10mm 4 pin and 10mm 3 pin cables respectively.  However, the FAN and LED cables from the fans attached to this video card radiator are a different size.   The Aorus RX 3080 radiator fan and led cables are 8mm 4pin and 6mm 3pin cables respectively.  


Any ideas of how will would swap out and mount Corsair 120mm (ML 120 PRO LED 120 PWM)  to the video card radiator and then connect these fans to the video card?  Is there a connector which will connect 4pin 10mm cable to 4pin 8mm cable.  The fans which come with the video are are bit noisy so I want to swap them out.  Swap the fans out is easy, but getting the cables of different size to connect is the hurdle.

Alternatively, I could keep the fans which come with the video card radiator but I will need to attached a 6mm 3pin female cable to the ICUE hub.  To this end, this cable is only about 3-4cm in length so I would need an extension to reach this hub in my computer (which is about 12-18 inches away).

I surmise I could cut the ends of the existing cables and place compatible cable ends (adaptors).  Does this makes sense.



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