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XG7 for other manufacturer cards

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On the 2080 series of cards there were a lot of manufactures that had supported XG7 waterblocks, but on the 3090 series, specifically the 3090Ti, it is only the Founders Edition and the ASUS TUF/Strix cards.  Will that be expanding to EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, etc.?

EDIT:  I should add that I really like the Corsair watercooling components and want to stick with that.

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There aren’t many 3090 Ti water blocks in general and that is an inevitable consequence of when it was released in this cycle. I suspect most manufacturers have chosen to focus on the upcoming 4000 series rather than the very small 3090 Ti numbers and tiny window for product viability. It’s hard to develop a water block for a very select group knowing you may only have two months to make your money back before sales drop to zero. Whatever is on the market now is likely all there will be. 

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the TUF/ strix blocks work for the same serie of 3090 Ti usually. Could be the same for other AIB cards if PCBs are the same.

Now if corsair didn't make blocks for those models in the first place, they most likely won't do them now that the 4000 series are around the corner.

Corsair is still fairly "new" in custom loop watercooling. Maybe it's harder for them to justify covering as many AIB cards as dedicated companies that do only that.

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