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H115i pro Rgb xt, it is detected by the icue. but it does not work.

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I've had this new h115i for a little over a year, a few months ago after I updated the icue, I realized that when I wanted to change something about the year, I didn't do anything, I changed the fan speeds, it didn't change, I changed the speed of the pump and it doesn't do anything, I can't even change the rgb it stayed in rainbow


I have repaired it with the icue tool, I have forced it to update and the fans sound and everything, but it just returns to normal and I cannot change anything. format the icue and nothing.


It should be noted that before the icue update it had a mode that was controlled only in the icue as a shutdown alert.

After that, what I told you before happened.

How can I solve this problem that makes me tired not being able to adjust the fans

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