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KBs suddenly not detected by ICU and DEAD

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Corsair STRAFE and K95 Platinum are no longer detected by that awesome stable software ICUE anymore.

Tested all usb ports on 3 different machines.. unistall reinstall drivers , same with ICUE /also tried to  repair it etc etc ect

So I run to the garage and get my $8.00 KB so I can use my Machine this morming .. plug it in and wala.

I've tried every single thing they suggest in their own multi method trouble shooting list from the support site and I'm still sitting here with 2 expensive paper weights.

If the minds here can't help me I am going to want my cash back.  These things cost way too much to be useless because their makers software is broken.  If nothing else they should revert to regular mechanical KBs so we can at LEAST get work done.

Thanks for any help.

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