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Do I need to buy anything else?


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Hi all. So this is my very first water cooling build and this is what I bought so far:



MSI X570S Carbon Max (it said corsair iCue in the picture, so I got it)


-Corsair 5000x RGB

CPU Cooler:





-1 Corsair white 360MM 


-7 LL120's (2 of the 3 Pack combo's, and 1 by it self)

-3 that came with the case


-1 Corsair iCUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller

-4 PWM Fan Splitter Cable 1 to 2 Converter

-1 XL 8 Coolant Blue

-About $200 on fittings and probably overshot it

-Tubing is soft tubes to make it easier


I pretty much went all corsair this time because I heard it work well with eachother. Plus I bought a 7 fan system from a cheaper brand before and the lights died in one week.  My question is; do I need to buy anything else because I can't seem to find a tutorial on YouTube with 10 fans AND using this cooling system. If anyone has something that would help, I would greatly appreciate it and I'm an idiot so talking down to me would actually help.


Thank you all for your time and have a nice day. 

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13 hours ago, gsil247 said:

4 PWM Fan Splitter Cable 1 to 2 Converter

You will want to drop the individual splitters in favor of a powered PWM hub. This is effectively a powered splitter that uses a small circuit board to pass the control signal from 1 fan to all the others. It comes in varying sizes to power 4-10 fans. Besides taking the motor current load off the controller, it will be slightly cheaper than 4 two way PWM splitters. In cases with these panels of 3x120 fans you are going to have groups of three or six fans that you likely set to run the same speed anyway and using pairs on three fan panels will always come up odd. 

13 hours ago, gsil247 said:

1 Corsair iCUE Commander PRO

As much as I prefer the Commander Pro for custom water cooling, you might be better served using the Commander Core XT unless you have some old RGB lighting hubs lying around from old HD/ML/LL fan packs. One led port on the Commander will go to the cpu/XD5 pump chain. In order to use the other, you need a RGB lighting hub. Newer fans like the QL and SP-Elite in the case use a “Lighting Node Core” controller, which is a standalone 6 fan RGB fan only module. So you’ll still need to use 2 of those for your 10 RGB fans. The Commander XT has 6 direct RGB ports eliminating the need for one of the LNCore modules and saving you one usb 2 connection. 

The system can work with either configuration, but the key difference here is the LNCore Controller is serial and won’t handle mixed fans well. The Commander XT has independent RGB headers, 6 direct RGB ports, 1 led port for XC7/XD5, and will allow you to run that 7th QL with the 3 SP-Elite. The trade off is you only have two temp sensors on the Commander XT vs the 4 on the Commander pro, but only data needs like me need that many. 2 is plenty for system control. 



That MSI motherboard has a “JCorsair” header that allows to connect some basic Corsair devices to a MB RGB header. You won’t be using it, so you should choose your motherboard make and model based on other reasons. It does not mean the motherboard lighting will be controlled by CUE. 

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