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Latest iCUE release causing Chrome to no longer have access to microphone, Youtube videos not to load

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I have finally figured out a problem that stumped me and my IT guy since Thursday. 

I had just purchased a new Corsair HS80 Wireless headset and so had to update my version of  iCue from 3.8 to  4.25.155.   I was happy to see my OG Scimitar now works with version 4, but that's where my joy ended.  I was not able to get a single call out because Chome was now saying it didn't have access to a microphone, when in settings it clearly did. 

I threw the book at it trying to fix this and eventually gave up. I was working backward trying to re-trace my steps, deleted version 4.25.155 and BAM Chrome has no trouble identifying the mic. 

Downloaded it again to be certain, Chrome broken yet again. So I have definitively determined its the culprit. 

Also with version 4.25.155 downloaded, I cannot get Youtube videos to play in Chrome or Edge, and Netflix will not load either. 

Why is iCUE messing with settings on my browsers? Is there any way to fix this while still using the latest version?

I cannot adjust the sidetone on the HS80s without using iCUE, they do not show up in version 3.8. If I cant hear myself talk I cannot use my new $170 headset for work so it will be returned. 

IF there is an earlier version of iCUE 4 that still works with the HS80, AND the original Scimitar, I would love to download that release to see if it also breaks Chrome. 




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Posted (edited)

I was able to trace the problem to a corrupted driver for the HS80 that comes with the latest version of Icue, 4.25.155.  Im running my Dell XPS work laptop. I found that when trying to call out with task manager open and watching the processes, the Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation was eating up about 12% CPU. I deleted the drivers for the HS80 in device manager, ran a search for new hardware changes which re-downloaded a working driver. 

I am now able to use the latest version of iCue so I can adjust the sidetone, but its basically non-existent on the HS80 anyway so it was sort of futile anyway lol. May return them. Sort of a bummer you cant hear yourself, having to keep one side off on a set of $170 headphones seems like something I shouldn't have to do. 

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