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Best Airflow Configuration?

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I own an anidees crystal XL Pro and I currently have 18 fans in it, and it seems to be adequate at cooling but I was wondering if there's something I should change?

Red is out blue in, 6 fans doing a push pull on the top mounted AIO 140mm

8 fans in the front of the case blowing in from the front and side into the case 120mm

3 fans blowing up from the psu shroud up into the gpu 120mm

1 fan blowing exhaust out of the back of the case 140mm

Is there anything I need to possible change for a better circulation?




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  • Corsair Employees

It seems like you should be getting excellent airflow in this configuration.

The only notes I would have would be he glass right in front of the fans is most likely dampening intake so the air circulating in your pc isn't as cool. We see this temperature difference a lot when we compare cases like the 4000X and 4000D airflow where a glass panel instead of a mesh or airflow panel does not perform as well cooling wise.

I would also say the fans on your psu shroud could be circulating warm air from the power supply instead of intaking cold air from outside. That would depend more on the airflow from the bottom of your case.

I would see about opening up airflow at the front of your case and seeing how temperatures improve from that and also seeing whether those psu shroud fans are circulating hot or cold air up into your gpu and mobo.

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