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Corsair H110i Fans not spinning faster then 1250rpm

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Hi all,

What with the hot weather recently I've been checking my CPU temps and have seen spikes of 80 which was a bit concerning so I've done a bit of digging around in my PC and it seems my h110i fans aren't spinning faster then 1500rpm and I can't seem to find a way to unlock this or increase it, I can lower it when I manually adjust the fan rpm in Icue but any of the presets or a custom fan curve does nothing.

I've messaged around in bios, ignoring the CPU fans, turning of Q-Fans etc and nothing seems to work.

If anyone could help or point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.



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Bios controls have no effect on the H110i. It has its own internal fan controller. 

If you set a custom curve in CUE, it should also reveal the fixed Rpm/PWM % control. Try setting the fan speed with that as a test. If it does not respond, go to the windows apps list and click on Corsair iCUE. Select modify and follow the prompts for a repair install. This will not erase profiles or settings. 

If you still don’t have control we’ll need to get into more detail. Make sure your sensor choice is H110i Temp. That is the intended control variable and forcing cpu temp on the AIO can cause erratic behavior. Also, your fan speed isn’t going to help with momentary cpu temp spikes. The cpu is cooled conductively and then the radiator and fans simply blow off the waste heat. The cpu temp spike is the result of a sudden voltage increase or change in instruction. The fans can’t help with that. They do help lower the baseline cpu temperature which is equal to coolant or H110i temp. If bumping your fans up to 1500 from 1200 rpm lowers the H110i temp by 2C, then the 80C max will be 78C. These are small shifts with fan speed and may not be a good trade for noise. 1500 rpm is going to be pretty loud. 

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Ok thank you for confirming that.

So when I set a fan curve with low RPM the fans do cycle down, it just seems to be a hard cap stuck at 1250.

I have repaired the iCue and no change.

Ok, so is coolant temp and the h110i temp what I should be looking at really to get an idea of temperature? Mine is sitting at around 45c when gaming.

Thank you for the assistance!



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45C is not out of bounds in the hot Summer, with most of the value coming from increased room/case temperature plus the usual GPU waste heat. CPU temperature still matters, but if I start up a CPU stress test with my fans at 600 rpm vs 1500 rpm, that first big jump in cpu temp (the spike) is going to be the same on both. But as you continue to run the test, the coolant temp and cpu temp will start to increase +1C at a slow interval. The machine with fans at 1500 rpm will expel more heat and the +1C steps are less frequent. So when the cpu is the main source of the heat, fan speed has a clear and measurable effect. When the main source of the heat is the environment, more fan speed may have no effect in reducing coolant and cpu temp. When the inside of the case is 42C, then that is also the lowest possible coolant temp with the radiator up top. 

Did you change the fans on the H110i?  The original 140mm fans for that model had a gray blade with a slight bit of twist and maxed out at 2000 rpm.  The H115i Pro that existed at the same time had two plain “ML Quiet” fans that had a max around 1250 rpm. 

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yea, they are at their max speed



but with that amount of dust on the leading edge of the blades, they won't make much airflow. Time to get the paint brush out and stir that mess 🙂

Same for the radiator, it's pretty clogged.

Once clean you'll probably see a decrease in temps, and the fans may also spin slower since the radiator will dissipate heat easier.

Not bad fans, but not the original ones obviously. that's not corsairs.

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I did think that may be the case, just started looking up Apache fans haha. 

I have a bunch of cleaning brushes and compressed air so will be getting on that tomorrow and giving it a good clean out.

Thank you everyone for the advice.

Much appreciated.


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