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does this mean that my fan is broken


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i set up my rgb fan today with icue normally i just have it plugged into my motherboard and it only displays one color but when i set it up today with icue only half the fan is lighting up does this mean that my fans rgb is broken?  or is just the commander core xt please help 


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1 hour ago, Hsav08 said:

i forgot to add as well when i have it plugged into the rgb slot on my mother board the whole fan lights up 

You are not meant to plug that fan into the 5v or 12v rgb header on your motherboard.  The connector doesn't fit right for a reason.  


The Commander Core uses an auto-detect system to determine the number of LEDs on each RGB header.  With just one LL fan that is 16, but its possible for it to mis-read it on boot.  Go to the RGB Lighting Set-up in the Commander XT and re-run it.  You also have the option of manually setting it to LL fan x 1.  Then set a static white pattern to turn on all possible LEDs.  If it is listed as an LL fans, shows you a 12 LED ring with 4 LEDs in the center, and the fan is still half lit, you'll need to contact Corsair Support for a replacement or try and exchange it with the purchase vendor --- then only connect it to the Commander XT;s RGB ports.  

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