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transparent rainbow wave?

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so i saw that with staic colors you can add transparency and, change the hue of other layers... could i do that with something else? because i want a rainbow wave that changes hue as the temp increases. could i do that?

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Not exactly.  You can modify the hue of a lower layer preset effect (with no transparency of its own) by adding a "blanket layer" on top.  So if you want to make Rainbow Wave a bit more a bit more pastel, you put a white static layer on top, then turn the opacity down to 25% or whatever you like.  In a similar fashion you can use a black static layer with a specific opacity to act as a dimmer or dark blanket to finely tune brightness beyond the controller level for individual effects.


While you could make a gradient to cycle up/down and provide varying levels of brightness or any other color as a tint, the "Temperature lighting" preset does not have opacity controls and the static/gradient effects do not have temperature triggers.  I don't know of a way to do this with a base Rainbow Wave layer.  Effects that have "space" when the LEDs are not active, like color wave, visor, infinity, etc. can have a temperature layer underneath.  You would set the low temp marks to black (invisible) and then your warning point to red or whatever color you want.  That would shine through the unoccupied portions of the higher level effect and be noticeable.  However, for that kind of warning, you might as well use the native CUE notifications options to turn the entire system red/purple/orange whatever at your alarm temp.  That works across all profiles and does not need to be individually programmed, overriding the current lighting settings when triggered.  

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