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Replacing the H55 AiO cooler on my MSI GTX 1080 to Seahawk x

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I have this graphics card for at least five years now and I am looking to replace the H55 on it with an different AiO now. I know the space is limited and it is a circular design. The GPU runs great and I am not going to build another gaming PC for awhile. Any suggestions on what to replace this with? I know Corsair got refurbished AiOs in their inventory with a similar design. 

I just want to state that I put two fans on these for even cooler temperatures. 49c on COD war zone but I haven’t play it since the new map is butts.


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Part of the problem is Corsair no longer has a business relationship with the OEM partner that made that AIO.  There are other brands that still utilize them, but the exact plate mounting dimensions are critical for this.  I tried to put a Corsair H90 on a hybrid GPU from this series that used an otherwise identical AIO from another brand, but the contact was never going to be exactly what it was supposed to be and it was a fail.  


If your H50/55 is starting to drag a bit, contact Corsair Support and see if there is a replacement option directly from them with warranty parts.  However, if you are running games at 49C I think you are still good.  That is about the same as my old Titan X hybrid on pristine 120mm cooler.  If there is any kind of flow problem with the H50/55, you will notice quickly and GPU temps will start to escalate by +10-20C and the telltale sign is when the GPU voltage/load drops, the GPU temps will hang up in the 50s -- equal to the coolant temp in the radiator.  

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for what it's worth, it's a reference design card so it will be compatible with custom loop waterblocks for 1080 TI.

If the AIO was to completely die someday, and you got no replacement parts (and don't want to get your GPU bricked because of it), it's still a possiblity to build a minimalist custom loop with block, pump/reservoir combo and a radiator.

It would cost certainly more than a warranty AIO if Corsair has some left, but it's still an option worth knowing!

And of course, it would fit aircoolers if you can snatch a complete one taken out of a reference design 1080ti, but you'll lose the benefit of watercooling obviously


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