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H150i pump does NOT have a USB cable.

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I am in midst of a build (in the 5000D airflow) and am installing the H150i AIO.  All the videos I've seen show three cables coming out of the pump assemably: 1) The proprietary connector to the Commander Core, 2) the thing cable intended for the CPU Fan header, and 3) a USB 2 cable.   My unit does not have this third cable, and the manual is in accord with this.  Only the Commander Core has a USB cable.  Why is this?  Has the design changed?  So far, I haven't found any reference to a change in design.  Thanks.

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Presumably you have the H150i Elite Capellix AIO. There is also a H150i Elite RGB that has a different control method and a usb-c plug on the pump. 

The Elite Capellix coolers moved the power delivery and fan controller to outside the block/pump to allow for the new LED type and swappable face plates. Since they needed an external controller, they provided a full system capable 6 PWM-6RGB controller in the Commander Core. Since all power and data is through the Commander Core, only it needs to usb cable to connect with the software. Commander Core to pump/LED power and data passes through that wide 20 pin connector. 

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