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ICUE and Asus ARGB devices

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 I have a problem between iCUE synchronization and Armony Crate

 The LEDs on the front of the motherboard are well detected and synchronized with iCUE, the same for the classic LED strips connected to the RGB socket of the motherboard.
 But for ARGB devices on motherboard socket, they are not even detected on iCUE.  I tried with Armony Crate it works, with other software too.

 I specify that there is only iCUE in operation, no other control software is launched, everything is up to date (software, drivers, plugin)

 My motherboard is a B550 F Gaming.

 Can you help me ?
 Thanks in advance

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CUE integration does not extend to 5v digital RGB headers on the motherboard. If you are powering devices on both 12v and 5v RGB plus the motherboard’s native lighting, you are better off turning off the Asus plugin in CUE and using Armory Crate to control the lot. 

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That seems unlikely. It was a common question when Corsair first launched the feature. 


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