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PRODUCT RELEASE FAILURE...so disappointed.


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Hey Corsair,

You guys GOOFED again.


Same fan, different color, & 700 RPM speed difference, ...why? (apples & oranges)

LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan   (BLACK FANS)

SKU CO-9050071-WW

600 - 1500 RPM

LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop White RGB LED PWM Fan  (WHITE FANS)

SKU CO-9050091-WW

2200 ±10% RPM


How the hell am I suppose to put together a "PROPER" build?

Ya did the same BS with the H170I, you never released a white version. (PAINT IS NOT AN OPTION)

The LCD version was a nice touch , ..still missed the target.

The response I had received on that was something in reference to, " we don't have enough people to put things together", wtf!!!

But the funny thing is, ya actually took my advice about upgrading the fans on the AIO coolers & optional colors for the water tubes, (sleeve covers).

Still to this day, corsair is yet to release a revised version of "MM700 RGB Extended Mouse Pad"  with wireless charging included.

Your RGB PSU are "mehh", SUPER FLOWER  & ASUS 1up'd ya here too. 

I know we all can have everything we want, but for the love of god, fix your fan situation at the least.









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