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Bad Memory, need RMA


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Hiya -

I had suspicion of bad memory problems after some erratic behavior (random reboots, etc), so I ran memtest-x86 on memory from several of my machines.


Of those tested, I found two that came up with multiple errors across multiple tests:






If the specific details of the test results are necessary, I can re-test and record that info, but suffice it to say, there was one region found on each module which flagged errors while testing.


I tried to contact my reseller, but they tell me its been too long and it would be more expedient to contact Corsair directly.


What do I need to do now to get an RMA ?


Thanks in advance,




edit: note, I tested one memory module at a time, so we're fairly certain it has nothing to do with the motherboard, or the memory slot.


edit: again

VS512MB333 was purchased on 3/12/2005, past co's 30 day returns

VS512MB400 was purchased on 5/17/2005 from co w/ 15-day returns policy

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