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Potential Source of Error For H1x0i Elite LCD AIOs and some Feedback/Suggestions for the Support Team

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For AIOs showing only the Commander Core in iCUE4, where iCUE4 can detect the Coolant Temp, I think a large number of the failures are caused simply by a failed firmware update the to LCD Cap.
I've attached images of the relevant logfiles to explain why I think this is the case.

We can see that "LCD PUMP GP PLUS" is detected but the "fw obj" is empty, I've highlighted this line.
Further inspecting the Commander CORE log we see that it shows a "Cooler component IDs read error".

We know that there exists a relevant fix for this, as mentioned by other users who have reported successfully fixing their AIOs this way, it's shown in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjGa1D6Xx7E

I think it would helpful for Corsair to simply just makes these .hex files available on their site, with some disclaimer to warn users about the risks of manual firmware flashing etc.
This would take a lot of burden off their support staff to attend to other issues, as well as avoiding unnecessary RMAs which hurt the company's bottom line and frustrate customers. 
Many users may have reinstalled/restored their OS and now are without the .hex file in AppData, and this would be a solution that costs Corsair nothing and resolve many issues quickly.

Although this topic has been discussed before, I just wanted to substantiate it a little more, and perhaps Corsair could take this into consideration to improve the troubleshooting resources available to customers.

It seems possible that in many cases the LCD Cap and Commander Core are detectable and Commander is attempting to communicate with the Cap. The issue is that the Cap's firmware has been corrupted and has no information
in the "combined-image" fw obj. In these cases its doubtful that an iCUE4 update can help these customers, since iCUE can't see the device in the first place.
Some customers can't have more than a days downtime since they use their system for work and a fix that solves this issue is making a manual firmware upgrade available.

For now I guess I'll just hang around checking my email like an insane person for a support ticket response 😛



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Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback @rvzuwn, and we'll take these points into consideration.  As you mentioned, the LCD and the Commander Core do communicate with eachother, however the issues are not necessarily directly related to firmware.  During the initialization and start up of iCUE, there is a step where screen Serial Number is resolved.  Working with the community, we've identified this as an area where we can improve the user experience, and will be removing this step tentatively in iCUE 4.25.x.  There are more details throughout the thread below about common experiences users are seeing, and steps to resolve them.  We are updating the OP with more information as we release it.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Not sure if this is meaningful but for the latest version of iCUE4, under ProgramFiles\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE 4 Software\modules , there is no .dll for the H170i Elite, only goes up to 150i. Initially I assumed this is because they share components other than the rad so the H170i just uses the same firmware as the H150i but I don't know if thats the case. If you guys have had an unusual amount of H170i LCD tickets lately maybe thats something to look into



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