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Corsair MP600 1TB Failure

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Hello everyone, I've owned a MP600 1TB M.2 SSD since Nov 2019. I've been using it as my main gaming SSD, luckily it's not my boot drive. I haven't had any problems with it whatsoever until today.

I booted up and went to steam to play some Warhammer 3 and when I clicked launch it gave me an error stating that the game was installed on an invalid device or something along those lines. I restarted steam and all of my installed games were no longer showing as "ready to play" and needed to be downloaded again. I went to file explorer and the drive was there and I was able to verify that the game files were indeed there, but steam still would not recognize it as installed.

I restarted my PC and again steam showed no games installed. I went back to file explorer but this time the drive was no longer showing. I rebooted and went to BIOS, the drive was not there.

Any ideas on what I should try? While I've had it for quite a while, I feel like a $250 SSD (at the time) shouldn't just fail after less than 3 years of routine use.


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Hey there, sorry to hear that. I suggest shutting down your system and making sure the drive is well seated in the m.2 header. If you have another spare m.2 header you can also try swapping to the other header. 


If this does not help, please submit a ticket so that our support team can assist you.

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bought a MP 600 gen4  on  June 11, 2020 and it just quit working . it showed a few time when i rebooted the system then ti would not show in bios. unfortuntly my OS and many files are lost. tried switching m2 port but no go. i feel for you ,, i had to use a different drive and reinstall the OS. Im realy pissed off because it worked great before this **** happened. and if i send it back they say they will wipe it . it had many tax info and a lot of business info. i guess im out of luck.

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