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Rocketek Splitter usb 2.0

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Hi.  My motherboard only has one 2.0 usb slot.  I have icue and a bluetooth extender hardware that both require this slot.  I bought a Rocketek splitter from Amazon (info below) that allows for 4 items to be used instead of just 1.  My bluetooth works in the slots, but the icue software does not.  Is there a fix for this or am i going to have to use icue and not my bluetooth extender?  Thank you


Rocketek 9pin USB Header Male 1 to 4 Female Extension Card USB 2.0 Splitter Cable Connector for Motherboard, Adapter Port Multiplier for CPU, WiFi Receiver, Fans, and RGB Light …

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looks like that splitter is not externally powered, and that usually doesn't play well with Corsair devices that require some juice from the USB header.

It's usually better to go for a powered internal USB splitter. the most recommended one is this one


It has SATA power, so your motherboard header won't struggle to support multiple devices.

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