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New Build, Memory Question

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I'm in the process of gathering components for a new pc. I'm going with the ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming Wifi motherboard with the Intel I9 11900K Processor. The DRAM I have is Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 4x16 DDR4 (CMW64GX4M4D3600C18). The DRAM is not on the QVL list provided by the ASUS website. My question is will the DRAM work or should I send it back and find something on the list? I also noticed that if I get a 2x16 combo which is on the list, there is no 4x16 combo with the same model number, so would 4 work where only two are on the qvl? Sorry my questions are stupid, I haven't built a pc in 10 years. Thanks for your help!

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The RAM you’ve selected will most likely work. Most RAM does and you selected two mainstream brands and an attainable frequency (3600 MHz). However, be aware some motherboard manufacturers will take your use of a product not on the QVL and attempt to deny you support or a warranty claim when anything goes wrong, direct relation on not. Most likely nothing goes wrong at all, but you need to be prepared to defend yourself if someone tries to tell you the broken USB port on the motherboard is the result of you using memory not on the QVL. 

Also be aware most manufacturers’ QVL list is not an exhaustive survey of the every memory kit available, weeding out kits that do not work. It’s a quick cross section of what was available at launch, what was supplied to them at the time, business relationships, and the list may or may not be updated as time passes. Those are the kits they had time to test. It would be really useful if they published a fail list as that would tell you a lot more about what kind of package to avoid, but they don’t do that. 

You do not want to combine two “2x16” kits to make your 64GB. All you are doing there is increasing the chances of RAM related issues and there is no guarantee kits with the same part number come from the same batch of material like with a matched 4x16 kit. 

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Thank you for the reply. The kit I am using is a 4x16 Corsair kit so the modules should match up. Even if they don't work out I have been assured by Amazon that I can return/exchange them. Thanks again!

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