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Issues with Corsair Headsets


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I own both a Corsair Void Pro (Wireless) and Corsair Virtuoso RGB (Wireless) headset, and both have great sound quality. 

The microphone sound levels on both these headsets are terrible, even with the mic boost feature that was recently added.

When speaking as loudly and clearly as possible; I only get around 10-15% of the total volume on the windows microphone test. When I walk around in a multiplayer game people either don't hear me or ask me to speak up.

I use the equalizer apo solution; but that is not that reliable; having me to increase the dB boost or even delete and reinstall the program all together. (It is slightly annoying to fix; but come on I should not have to do this with a $100 or $200 headsets)

Corsair! Please fix this issue as it is extremely frustrating for me and probably many more! I have seen so many forum treads about this issue with all different headsets that you sell that cost quite a bit of money. I really don't understand why this is such a hard issue to fix.

If anyone has any solution of any kind that would work more reliably, please let me know. I would really appreciate it.

I really don't want to switch headset brands as I love Corsair products; but if I don't find a better solution I might have to.

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