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5000d Airflow front usb not working

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Hi, just finished my 5000d build. It seems the 1st usb on the front does not work. When I plug something in, it will make the "usb sound" but nothing is detected. The 2nd front usb slot works perfectly.

I double checked all wires are correctly plugged in and they are. Any advice? thankyou

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Hey there, I am sorry to hear that. I would start by checking that the pins on your motherboard's USB 3 header aren't bent or dirty, and that the connector is fully seated in the header. Lot of pins in this connection so it is fairly easy for one to get bent and not make a good connection. If that isn't the issue, we can look into sending a new front IO.

If you could please submit a ticket so that our support team can assist you.

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