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Is this RAM OC within safety parameters?


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I've got a 2x16 Vengeance RGB kit that are stock 3600 - 18 - 22 - 22 - 42 on XMP 1.35v, right now i overclocked it a bit to 3800 - 16 - 19 - 19 - 39 but had to bump the voltage to 1.37v, im not sure about overvolting ram, is theres a room for some more juice? does this void the warranty or could potentially damage the RAM?

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+-0.02v is the smallest meaningful change on most motherboards and all DDR4 kits can handle 1.37v which is only nominally different than 1.35. Notable voltage steps tend to be in 0.05v increments (1.35, 1.40, 1.45, 1.50v) and then you can try and take out a hundredth or two if you like, but stability and temperature are the two main goals. 1.37 should be indistinguishable for temperature to 1.35, so if you’re stable than leave it alone and enjoy. 

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