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Corsair AIO cooler not working properly

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I had purchased a 115i Platinum AIO cooler around 2years ago along with my build. The problem had started at least 10 months ago where the Pump leds wouldn't project the right colors. i had thought that it was due to a few of the leds getting and malfunctioning but thats not the case, Sometimes when i update drivers and restart, or just restart in general sometimes the leds will display all colors but after i log in and around 3 minutes later the color changes back. In the ICUE software it says its should be displaying all the colors but it is only displaying 2 colors(normally red and green). i've tried to full on wipe everything corsair in my system, removing all the program files and even everything in the registry aswell. to my knowledge i dont have any programs that control my rgb. please help. 



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You can try a forced firmware update. Check for update -> none -> force update. However, it seems like there may be a physical problem with some of the blue LEDs. Try setting a 0/0/255 static pattern to see if it helps identify the issue. Then contact Corsair Support. Your warranty is typically 5 years. 

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