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ICUE H100i CPU cooler blinking red and displaying “Pump Failure”

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Built my PC about a month ago, worked fine for the first week and then randomly, all Corsair RGB starts blinking red and the ICUE software said that my cooler was not detected, but it worked so I continued using it.

After doing nothing about a day later I got a warning that I had “pump failure” and I shut my PC down after it reached about 65C and contacted support, I messed with connections while waiting for an answer and it started working again. I continued using my pc (everything working properly now) for about two weeks, until tonight. It was working fine for about 3 hours, but after restarting the PC due to a game error which froze the PC, it is flashing red again and my CPU is heating up so quickly I can’t even log into the computer to check the ICUE software. The weird part is after turning the computer on all of the rgb and fans will work for about 10 seconds without problem before everything ramps up, flashing lights come on, and temperatures skyrocket. 

I did not touch the computer when this started other than the power button. I have now checked all connections associated with the cpu cooler and nothing has changed. 

Associated parts are as follows:

intel i7-12700k

asus prime z690p motherboard

ICUE H100i Elite capellix 


any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated 

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Future me here, I followed the advice from someone in a similar thread and turned the osu off, disconnected the line into the cpu fan header, reconnected it, and turned it back on. I then got a “CPU fan not recognized” error in bios and checked the master controller and it bumped itself out of place again. After redoing that connection it worked itself out and is running for now.

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