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Inclusivity please, Corsair?

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I have a serious injury to my right hand, but am naturally left-handed, and have played MMOS for many years. I spend a lot of time looking for peripherals which optimise the entry of data (ie; macros) when playing games. Going back and forth between mouse and keyboard is an insidious time-waster, so I was interested  when my guild/FC leader streamed a review of the Corsair Scimitar rgb Elite optical moba/mmo gaming mouse, with 12 macroable buttons. And instantly disappointed that it doesn't come in a left-handed version. I appreciate that producing a different version has its costs, but left-handers are 10% of the population, and there's nothing comparable to the Corsair Scimitar, other than the Razer Naga Left-Handed Edition, the reviews of which I've read. Please, please, Corsair, give some thought to the production of a left-handed version of this excellent mouse, which by all the accounts I've seen, is better than it's competition!!

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Hi Caiteljn

We don't have a left handed mouse but we have a mouse that supports left handed grips. Here's a link to our ambidextrous M55 RGB PRO.



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