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VIRTUOSO SE keeps blinking red and won't pair.

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Today I turned on my computer and my VIRTUOSO SE started blinking red and won't pair anymore.  I've tried uninstalling iCUE software and some other steps found on a number of different sites, including but not limited to, trying to reset the device by holding down the mute button for 15 seconds.  

Based on other sites, it also appears my dongle firmware is out of date but iCUQ says the firmware is up to date.  It appears you can't download the firmware from their website, you can only contact support, which is closed for the holiday.

Here is all the information:

  • VIRTUOSO SE wireless receiver dongle firmware: v. 0.16.80
  • VIRTUOSO SE v. unknown since it won't connect.
  • iCUE software: v 4.24.193

If anyone can let me know how to fix this issue, I would appreciate it.



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