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iCue crashing/unresponsive during gameplay

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I have a K57 Keyboard, Ironclaw and Void Elite headphones, have had them for nearly two years.

Suddenly when I'm trying to play some games I'm getting weird issues; When trying to start the games the hardware seems to disconnect from iCue (returns to it's default internal lighting profile) and becomes highly unresponsive. This is mostly the keyboard but also the mouse 50% of the time, and doesn't stop until I close the software, at which point the unresponsiveness stops but I have to replug the devices in to connect them to iCue again.

This is happening with games I've played for a months and years without issues before now. I have made sure every driver is up to date, I've done clean reinstallations of iCue and the software, and uninstalled any software that I thought may be interfering like Armoury Crate.

Thing is, this isn't happening every time either, if I close and reopen iCue it sometimes, infrequently, stops having issues until the next time I turn the machine off. Sometimes in the past the keyboard has lost connection to iCue when using software and needed a replug, but this now is on a whole other level.

Anyone got any ideas? I've run to my wits end trying to fix this.

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