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LCD Screen + Ring are not working (Dead?)

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Image of the ScreenHello , i have a huge problem with my Corsair H115i Elite LCD Screen , i've booted my computer normally (like every day , and the Screen worked normally too ...


But when ICue started , it turned completelly black , and then when i looked at the software , it shows the Commander Core Logo instead of the LCD Screen i had before , since , the screen and ring are completely off


The Pump seems to work fine but i paid so much for this screen i hope it is not dead because of the software


I already tried to completely remove Icue and all but same ...

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There is a very long discussion thread for the LCD top below. First step if you encounter issues like this is to power down the PC, flip your PSU switch off, then disconnect the wide power cable from the pump to Commander Core. Reconnect it making sure the white mark is aligned and the connector fully engaged. Flip the PSU back on and start up normally.  This should force both Com Core and LCD top to re-link to each other. 

If the screen is still dark, contact Corsair Support. There is a link at the bottom of the page. 



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