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Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB PRO Performance 120mm

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I recently purchased the Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB PRO Performance 120mm,and upon installing i ran into some plugs where my old fans are plugged on a wire strip that has a larger type of 4 pin plugs ,the new sp120 has a smaller

3 pin plug ,i have the Asus b450 elite v.1 motherboard,are there any solutions to this problem,in the photo it shows what plugs i mentioned.the sp120 are much smaller and are 3 pin,any help would be greatly appreciated,thanks


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Corsair fans are not meant to be connected to your motherboard RGB or D-RGB headers.  They have their own 5v RGB controllers and power delivery.  If you only have a single SP-Pro, you will not have the proper controller.  You'd be better off choosing something meant to work with your motherboard for just 1 fan.  

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that plug is a Molex plug, it's not a fan connector but a power supply connector, usually meant for hard drives.

Very cheap fans will have adapters to connect to them. it works but you can't control the speed.

The 3 pin connector on the fans, to drive the motor, should connect to the fan sockets on the motherboard.

You can then download from your motherboard support page an utility from gygabyte to control the fan speeds (Gygabyte app center + System information viewer.)

Be careful NOT to plug the RGB connector there! It's only meant for the motor cable 🙂 


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