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Corsair K70 RGB Pro lights stuck on one color

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I am new to the whole PC community so there is a very highly likelihood that I am doing something incorrectly. The RGB lights are stuck on red save for one button at the top which seems to accept whatever color profile I have created in iCUE. On some rare occasions the rest of the keys will work for a couple of minutes before resetting to the same red. I have tried unplugging and replugging it in, I have tried updating the software for the keyboard. I have cleared all saved profiles in the keyboard and in the software. Nothing works. 


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Hi Long,

What version iCUE are your currently on, I would suggest updating to latest version if you're not already.

Have you update the firmware on the device? Let me know if the issue still persists after taking these steps.


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Try both the soft reset and hard (forced firmware update below).  Do the ESC Key + replug option first.  If it does not work, then within CUE check for a firmware update for the KB.  It will come back with none, then " force update" should become available.  That will take the KB offline as the firmware loads.  If neither is successful, time to reach out to Corsair Support from the link at the bottom of the page.  


The other possibility is you are running some other RGB software that is attempting to access the Corsair KB.  This happens more often with shared elements like RAM, but it has happened on KBs and mice before.  The most common are motherboard software programs that also support peripherals, like MSI Aura, GA Fusion, etc.  You also can attempt to block 3rd party access by disabling software integrations under the CUE settings.  

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